Sunday, 14 February 2016

226: Love

Love moves, love shares
Love can take you unawares

Love sustains when tempests rage
Love cares not when bodies age

Love is the pinnacle of human achievement
Love gives life, hope and meaning

Love finds joy in the simplest act
Love lights the way when skies are black

Love heals, deep hurts from the past
love has patience and love holds fast

Love is expressed in many ways
Love has a smile that dazzles and eyes that blaze

Love caresses through finger tips and words
Love arouses with a passionate surge

Love is blissful when bodies release
Love knows quietness and inner peace

Love brings us closer when distance divides
Love electrifies the air when by your side

Love is the music that makes my heart sing
Love isn’t a word it’s a state of being

Love informs every thought and underpins every deed
Love is the glue every relationship needs.

Lady Satellite

Sunday, 27 December 2015

225: Letter to a Poet

I love it when time is taken to shape words into thoughts
I hope the writer finds it therapeutic, as I do of course
the rhythm and the rhymes
become the focus of my mind
as I play with the words
the thoughts appear quite unobserved.

Truth sneaks out when not held back
when the constant conscious effort to restrain goes slack
as I push all my energy into beautiful word connections
raw emotion does not suffer its usual untimely rejection
and so it seeks freedom of expression and reaches for the light
bubbling freely with abandon a true reflection of what is real and what is right.

What cannot easily be aired when head is pounding and eyes are red
will surface effortlessly when the barriers are unmanned
and the words can frolic around without some grand restrictive plan
the mind plays tricks and clouds the simplistic brain
seeking to forget and smother all the pain
the truth is fettered along with love and all reality
I need these escaping words to say painful things and give me sanity.

My mission, let’s be clear
is love and never fear
to open the door and watch the monsters run
to feel relief as their terrorising shadows melt and die in the sun
then I know my fears were some insubstantial vapour
never to be given the power of the hand held upper.

Thoughts can be a deceitful slippery slope
one covered in black ice, where you really need a rope
not to hang yourself high and hasten death
but of love to haul you higher so you fly gracefully with each breath
come let us soar like those wedge tail eagles paired for life
trusting in a wind they cannot see
but whose existence gives them flight.

Lady Satellite

Saturday, 26 December 2015

224: The Itch

Oh the desperate urge to scratch
as my traitorous hand creeps slowly towards my back
I watch it move with military stealth
as I am enveloped by the pestilent pull of my oh so itchy shell.

But it cannot be
it must not be allowed
the resistance will win this war
no matter how wildly this torture makes me shout.

No! That skin is sacred
were it any other I wouldn’t care
and would claw my flesh for pleasure
risking red welts and scratches there.

But no! That spot is anointed
I will not give in for short term bliss
that is hallowed ground
where my story is displayed
and I will not compromise it for an itch.

That art is the start of my journey
a visual expression of my whole
and I will not scratch
where the needle stitched the ink permanently into my soul.

Lady Satellite

223: Pleasure Seekers

Aquamarine and turquoise blue
glittering sunlight, invites me and you
two sleek black bodies
slide into warm wetness
gliding beneath, seeking coral gardens at depth.

Show these lovers your treasures
as they glide through your world
enraptured with the pleasures
of colourful life at every turn.

As nature frolics, so they shall observe
careful to witness, never disturb
then as they rise and smile at the sun
they laugh and play chase, like seals having fun
they spin and embrace, those two that are one.

Lady Satellite

221: Mistress Pain

Integrate or disintegrate
that’s what I have to do.
Shine the love on the fear
and melt it away,
can’t live with black ice, my dear.

I understand, I feel your pain
but do I want to face it again?
As adrenalin surges
the blood rush urges
‘Get out! Run away! It’s not safe!’

Is loving enough?
When times get rough
as you fight your inner demons
will you change?
First show me a little
then with safety comes more
as you seek the familiarity of pain.

Will I leave through that door
pushed unwillingly by your core
but what if my love is stronger?
Will you jump into her arms
be embraced by her charms
will Mistress Pain take you in the long run?

Lady Satellite

Sunday, 1 November 2015

221: Halloween

221: Halloween

Missing you now
when the night is darkest
though the orange lights twinkle
and the costumes sparkle.
Conversation flows
and the games begin
but nothing soothes the ache
of empty within.

Being alone is somehow
gentler on the soul
than being at a party
when your heart isn’t whole.
Nothing bears comparison
to the joy we create
when we chatter and laugh
or challenge and debate.

Despite the costumes and the gaiety
this whole throng is dull.
Twittering about nothing of consequence
is all very well
but without the light in your eyes
and the pull of your heart
I haven’t the tolerance for foolishness
or to practice this art.

The alcoholic hit of a cocktail
won’t convince me this is fun.
What use is jellied vodka
will it fight the urge to run?
Why let the spirits fuel my pain
and trap me into staying?
Don’t want to dance drunkenly with another,
only your arms should feel me swaying.

To linger is foolish torture
simply, no need to endure.
Not enriched by fake enjoyment
without mon bel amour.
Ceding defeat I head for home
as inebriation sets in all around,
a strategic retreat to cover emotion
before hot tears betray me on the ground.

Lady Satellite

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

220: Experiment Earth

Contradictions too vast to contemplate,
here, but not
gone, but here
an end with a beginning, yet ended with permanency
everything the same and yet all changed
life continues, yet simultaneously stops.

What life?

Why is the world turning even now
and grass standing tall where manicured lawn should be?

How can life go on, when life has stopped?

We are as pollen grains stuck to the hind legs of a bee
carried by vast forces beyond our understanding
vital parts of ecosystem Gaia
individually insignificant
yet potent as a mass.

You are gone and nothing has changed
it is as if, you never were.

These cherished objects, carried lovingly south
will mean nothing when I too depart.

Our tenure here exposed as a hologram
a play from which you exited stage left.

We do not have life
just mechanical functions within a complex machine
demonstrating potentials
power switched on/off at will
gene pool Earth
an experiment in genetics and human nature.

I wonder how we compare to Kepler-452b?

Are we performing well?

What did my Mother’s life
contribute to the collective knowledge?

Me, I suppose.

Will she be recycled, upcycled, reused?

Am I the upcycling?

How will the experiment end?

Questions too vast to contemplate,
I am here, but not
life unreal without you.

Lady Satellite